Slut shaming, SlutWalks, Celebrity & Amber Rose

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“This weekend is the first of what Rose hopes will become an annual event, which has so far raised over $55,000 for the Amber Rose Foundation and “organizations of women who have been subject to slut-shaming, a lack of implication of double standards, sexual assault, and even rape.” This is how Rose hopes to promote her mission to empower all women and fight gender inequality. It’s all donation-based, and if anything, I overheard that Rose reportedly lost some money throwing the event.”

Here is an interesting response to slut-shaming.  What do you all think about it?  Is it emancipatory to reclaim the word ‘slut’ which so often has negative connotations?  Does it further the cause?

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constant annee

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what a weird name!



arnell henry

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These are kind of lovely.

Glen Erle

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These are a little Oberlin-esque circa 2006.

The new lower 9th

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Will these designs “make it right”?  Brad Pitt thinks so. They’re not exactly photographs, but they’re

Youssef Nabil

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Rossy de Palma

Rossy de Palma


Sting Saaeed Mohamed Aklan Ghaleb

Mr Saaeed Mohamed Aklan Ghaleb

Sweet Temptation

Sweet Temptation

Sedou Keïta

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This image makes me want to only shoot black and white.

The elegance of Keïta’s images makes me want to only shoot in black and white.